Mahatma Gandhi Live!

Gandhi’s Message in Gandhi’s Character

Peace, Nonviolence, Social Justice, Equality, Human Rights,Courage, Compassion, Commitment, Integrity
Presented by Dr. Shall Sinha
This Presentation has no parallel in North America!!!
Inspirational, Thought-provoking,
Entertaining, Unforgettable!!

Dr. Martin Luther King on Mahatma Gandhi ” Gandhi was inevitable. If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable. He lived, thought and acted, inspired by the vision of humanity evolving toward a world of peace and harmony. We may ignore Gandhi at our own risk. “

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Presentation in the Character

In the character of Mahatma Gandhi, and using a ‘conversational style’, Dr. Sinha speaks for 30 to 90 minutes, depending upon the time constraints of the program. He designs each talk to suit the specific group and focuses his message around the central theme of the program. And he welcomes a few Questions towards the end. He maintains the character role throughout the presentation.

Discussions Out-of-the Character

Dr. Sinha welcomes in-depth discussions ‘out-of-the character. This is held at least an hour following his presentation in the Character. He needs this time to change back to his regular clothes. In this session Dr. Sinha feels free to include his personal opinions of ‘why Gandhi did or didn’t do something’ or ‘what would Gandhi do in one of the current situations’.

Why Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of non-violence, was an extraordinary leader of peace and human rights. With nothing but simplicity, truth and honesty, Gandhi developed a powerful weapon, Satyagraha, which means ‘insistence on truth using non-violent non-cooperation’, and employed it successfully to win freedom, independence, reform and equality of all human beings.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela employed Gandhi’s tools to accomplish some extraordinary results in their own struggles. Shall Gandhi Sinha as Mahatma Gandhi

Why Dr. Shall Sinha?

Dr. Shall Sinha is a leading expert on the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, possesses a library that contains over 50,000 pages of collected works of Mahatma Gandhi and, in costume carries a remarkable resemblance with the real Gandhi. Dr. Sinha is the author of 4 books including,
“Words of Wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi”.

“What would Gandhi say if he came to speak to this group at this time on this occasion?”

With that question in mind, Dr. Sinha draws some relevant stories from Gandhi’s life and weaves them with the audience’s prevailing issues. He thereby shows them some practical and simple ways of dealing with their pressing problems.
Mahatma Gandhi at Alberta Speakers Association

The Result?

This presentation generally breaks the usual monotony of most conventions and conferences. The members of the audience experience a new vigor, a fresh way of looking at their problems, a strong feeling of their inner strength and a clearer direction in their life.