Dr. Shall Sinha

Shall SinhaShall Gandhi Sinha has a Ph.D. degree from McGill University and has devoted most of his life to studying the Formula for Success. He has built an extensive knowledge on thousands of extraordinary people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin and Henry Ford and has tried to discover their way of choosing a mission, handling their problems and persevering till the end.

Shall is a leading expert on the Life and Works of Mahatma Gandhi, and he also does an Extraordinary Impersonation of the character. He appears dressed exactly like Mahatma Gandhi – with bald-head, steel-frame glasses, home-spun loin clothes, tire-slippers and a bamboo walking stick. Throughout the presentation he stays in Gandhi’s character and talks on a topic related to the theme of the occasion. He draws all his supporting materials from Gandhi’s actual life and tells what Gandhi did in a similar situation. This leaves the audience feeling good about themselves and their work and fills them with a zest for new challenges.

Dr. Sinha is the author of 4 books including, “Words of Wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi“.